Ambassador Richard Buangan’s Remarks at the Launch Event for USAID Support for Dzud Response

Ambassador Richard Buangan’s Remarks at the Launch Event for USAID Support for Dzud Response

Wednesday, May 3, Blue Sky Hotel

Jambaltseren Tumur-Uya, State Secretary, MOFALI

Khishigbayar A., State Secretary, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

Uuganbayar B., Deputy Head, NEMA, Brigadier General

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are witnessing Mongolia’s harshest dzud in over a decade.  The United States and Mongolia are friends, and friends help each other in hard times.  We are proud to stand with the Mongolian people in their time of need.

I am proud to note that the U.S. Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), will give an additional $900,000 (over three billion Tugriks) to World Vision in response to the dzud disaster appeal

This money will provide livestock fodder and cash to vulnerable herder households and brings the total U.S. Government dzud response contribution to $1 million.

World Vision is a trusted partner and has the experience and expertise to efficiently and effectively distribute the fodder and cash to the herders most in need.

 This response work builds on USAID’s ongoing disaster risk reduction programs that strengthen livestock herders’ resilience against dzuds and other natural disasters. It will not completely relieve the hardships of all the herders but it will help over 3,300 households in important ways.

I have personally met with herder families to hear for myself their stories of how they are making it through the winter. I know that herding is a difficult life, and although most are reliably independent, sometimes people need help.

 Of course, the United States and Mongolia are not alone in assisting those in need. We are part of an international coalition acting in concert thanks to the efforts of the United Nations. The United Nations is coordinating all the donors to ensure that assistance is distributed equitably, and people receive what they need. I would like to take a moment to recognize UN Resident Coordinator Mr. Tapan Mishra. Tapan, where are you? Tapan has spearheaded both the appeal and distribution of international assistance and has done a wonderful job. Thank you, Tapan.

 I’m proud to say that this new project is another example of how USAID is ramping up in Mongolia under the U.S.-Mongolia Strategic Partnership.  While USAID has been in Mongolia since 1991, over the last couple of years it has launched new initiatives in a variety of areas, including supporting small businesses, strengthening democratic institutions, improving energy governance, and assisting in the fight against COVID-19. 

The United States and Mongolia enjoy a strong, long-standing partnership built on common interests and shared democratic values.  Our strategic partnership is more than just words on paper; it is about delivering real results.  I am confident this program will deliver real results for the Mongolian people.  Thanks again to all our partners, and I wish you all great success.