Event: Special Departure Flights for Foreign Citizens in Mongolia Affected by COVID-19-related Travel Restrictions

The Mongolian government has announced additional evacuation flights for foreign citizens who wish to depart Mongolia.  American citizens are encouraged to register their interest in departing in the month of July should contact the Embassy as instructed below by close of business on Monday, June 29.

As of today, the Embassy is aware of the following flights to destinations with connections to the United States.  These dates are subject to change and there is a possibility that the fights may not operate at all.

Date Destination Departure Arrival
July 02 Seoul, South Korea 08:40 12:50
July 04 Tokyo, Japan 07:45 13:40
July 07 Seoul, South Korea 08:40 12:50

July 09

July 15

Istanbul, Turkey

Seoul, South Korea






The Embassy’s Consular Section is currently registering American citizens for departure on these flights.  Since future flights are not confirmed or guaranteed to operate you are strongly encouraged to depart on one of these flights if you wish to depart Mongolia.

To request a reservation on the flight please fill out the form located in this link. Please be sure to fill out the form for each member of your traveling party.

If you have previously expressed interest in departing, the Embassy will contact you to confirm your reservation. 

The Embassy does not yet know the price of tickets.  You will be required to pay MIAT Mongolian Airlines directly for your travel.  Though the Embassy does not endorse the services of MIAT Mongolian Airlines, it is recommended that you book your onward travel to the United States at the same time you pay for your flight from Mongolia.  Doing so will ensure that you do not risk quarantine at your transfer point.

If you require financial assistance to pay for your travel to the United States, please clearly indicate this in your email.  The Embassy is able to provide such assistance and your timely request will ensure that you receive the funds needed to return home.

Please continue to check the CDC’s COVID-19-specific website and the page for international travelers in order to stay updated on relevant regulations and rule changes for travel: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html.

In the case of an emergency, please contact the U.S. Embassy at +976 7007-6001 or via email at UlaanbaatarACS@state.gov during business hours.  After normal business hours you may call +976 7007 6066.

The situation is developing rapidly.  Please register your contact information in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) in order to receive timely updates from the embassy.  The below resources may also be useful for tracking developments.