Mongolia – Google Partnership Launch Event: Remarks of Ambassador Richard L. Buangan

Mongolia – Google Partnership Launch Event: Remarks of Ambassador Richard L. Buangan

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Minister Enkh-Amgalan, Minister Uchral, Mr. Marson, MP Saranchimeg, teachers and innovators, good afternoon. Thank you inviting me to make brief remarks.

I accompanied Prime Minister Oyun-Erdene during his meeting with Google in August. I am so happy this partnership has finally arrived in Mongolia.

I want to congratulate the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Digital Development and Communication for embracing digital transformation and investing in Mongolia’s teachers and students.

Thank you Google for bringing American innovation and technology to Mongolia. You obviously see the tremendous potential that I see for Mongolia to become a robust digital democracy.

I am excited to see the American private sector and the Mongolian government unite to brighten the future for Mongolia’s teachers and students. When the public and private sector work together, great things can be achieved. This recipe should be replicated in all sectors in Mongolia, whether it be energy, mining, or agriculture.

Mongolia has already staked its claim in the digital future. E-Mongolia and the digital governance initiative are rapidly transforming the way Mongolia does business. To ensure Mongolia’s young innovators and entrepreneurs are prepared and competitive, they must start early.

Traditional borders no longer determine a nation’s path, nor should they determine our children’s future. The world is smaller than ever before, with opportunities available to those who have access to technology and the training to use it. When every child and educator has access to online learning devices, the world opens up before them.

Technology is the great enabler and levels the playing field for all. With the right education tools in hand, students from Uvs, Bulgan, or Dornod have similar opportunities to students learning in Ulaanbaatar, Seoul, or San Francisco.

This Partnership is important because – and this echoes what Prime Minister Oyun-Erdene told all of us in Washington DC when he said, “Mongolia may be land-locked, but it’s not mind-locked” – the word “landlocked” becomes meaningless to a country with a vibrant digital economy and a society whose people are connected to the world.

This Mongolia-Google Partnership is a tremendous first step and puts the right tools in the hands of Mongolia’s youth. It will make a difference in the lives of students and teachers and bring them closer to American innovators.

Finally, I believe this partnership will continue to strengthen our people-to-people ties, the cornerstone of our bilateral relationship. The best opportunities for our two great countries happen when our best and brightest come together to work for a better future.

I am excited to see this partnership blossom and look forward to the innovation and opportunities it will spark.

Thank you.