179 Soums in 18 Provinces Under Lockdown Restrictions

The State Emergency Commission (SEC) stated that as of June 24th, 2021, a total of 179 soums in 18 provinces have imposed local lockdown measures including restrictions on the movement of citizens and the activities of government and legal entities due to rising cases of COVID-19.

Those who need to travel to the following soums and provinces must first contact the local emergency commission and take appropriate precautions before traveling.

9 soums (Ikh Tamir, Tuvshruulekh, Khashaat, Khotont, Undur-Ulaan, Erdenebulgan, Ulziit, Tariat, Tsetserleg) in Arkhangai province. The province is under lockdown and increasing its health alert level to “red” until July 10 2021.

All 24 soums in Khuvsgul province. Travel into and out of the province is restricted until July 9, 2021.

7 soums (Khangal and Gurvan bulag, Khutag-Undur, Teshig, Mogod, Bugat, Bayan-Agt, Saikhan) in Bulgan province

4 soums (Lun, Bayan-Unjuul, Erdene, Zuunmod) in Tuv aimag province

9 soums (Ongon, Naran,, Sukhbaatar and Dariganga, Bayandelger, Tuvshinshireet, Asgat, Erdenetsagaan) in Sukhbaatar province

All 20 soums in Bayankhongor province

All 18 soums in Khentii province

5 soums (Sergelen, Bayandyn, Matad, Bulgan, Gurvanzagal, Khulunbuir) in Dornod province

Bulgan soum of Khovd province

11 soums in Dundgobi

All 14 soums in Dornogovi province

14 soums in Selenge province

6 soums (Davst, Tes, Naranbulag, SAgil, Umnugobi, Malchin) in Uvs province

All 14 soums in Umnugobi province

2 soums ( Darkhan and Shariin-gol) in Darkhan-Uul province

3 soums (Deluun, Tsengel, Bulgan) in Bayan-Ulgii province

11 soums in Zavkhan province

3 soums in Gobisumber. Travel into and out of the province has been restricted