Ambassador Klecheski’s Letter to the Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force 11

Embassy of the United States of America

18 January 2021

Lieutenant Colonel Olzbayar
Commander, Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force 11
General Staff of Mongolian Armed Forces, Mongolia 

To the Officers and Soldiers of Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force (METF) 11:

Welcome home and job well done!  I am extremely happy to learn of your safe return after over six months of training and combat operations in Resolute Support, Afghanistan. 

In the past, I have had the honor of personally greeting each of you planeside as you depart and when you return. Due to the pandemic, please accept this letter of thanks until we can actually meet and I can shake each of your hands.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment and service to Mongolia as well as for your contributions to international peace and stability. The Mongolian military has a stellar international reputation as professionals from numerous operations in Iraq, Africa, and Afghanistan. As members of METF 11, you have helped strengthen and perpetuate that reputation. 

I also know how difficult it was to be apart from your families these past months, especially during the holidays and New Year. I would like to extend my personal thanks to your family members for their sacrifice and commitment to you, the Mongolian Armed Forces, and to Mongolia. None of this would be possible without their support.

Finally, I want to express how honored I am to serve as the US Ambassador to Mongolia. Certainly, Mongolia and the United States are Strategic Partners, but personally, I am most proud of the enduring relationships that I have formed with Mongolian friends and cohorts, especially during these difficult times caused by the COVID pandemic. There is a saying: “Hard times reveal true friends.” I know that the United States and I can rely upon our Mongolian friends in times of difficulty…just as Mongolia can be confident that the United States will stand side-by-side with you as we navigate through future challenges together.

Again, welcome home and well done!

Michael S. Klecheski
Ambassador of the United States to Mongolia