Call for Applications: The 2022 Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

November 30, 2020 
Public Affairs Section 
U.S. Embassy Mongolia

Call for Applications: PAS-Ulaanbaatar-005/FY2021
The 202Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar is pleased to announce the 202Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (Fulbright TEA) program.  Fulbright TEA provides international teachers with a unique opportunity to develop greater expertise in their subject areas, enhance their teaching skills, and increase their knowledge about the United States.  

Fulbright TEA is a six-week non-degree, non-credit customized academic program including seminars on new teaching methodologies, curriculum development, lesson planning, and instructional technology.  Participants also take part in a practicum at a U.S. secondary school near their host university where they work closely with U.S. teachers and teach, co-teach, and present information about their home countries to U.S. students.  Cultural enrichment, mentoring, and support are provided throughout the program.  The international participants will travel to the United States for one of two six-week professional development programs in either January or September 2022 

After returning home, teachers who have successfully completed the program will be eligible to compete for small grant awards for training for other teacherscollaborative projects between participating American schools and their home schools, and other activities that build on the exchange experience.  

The online application deadline is February 1, 2021 8:30 a.m. ULAT. 


  1. Be a Mongolian citizen, currently living in Mongolia; 
  2. Be current secondary-level, full-time teacher of English, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), math, science, or social studiesincluding special education teacher in these subjectsat an institution serving a primarily local (not expatriate) population*; 
  3. Have at least a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent; 
  4. Have completed at least five years of full-time teaching by the start of the program; 
  5. Demonstrate a commitment to continue teaching after completion of the program;  
  6. Demonstrate leadership qualities in their schools or districts; 
  7. Have sufficient oral and written English language skills to take part in specialized seminars and give presentations at U.S. schools.  English language test scores are not mandatory at the time of application. However, if selected the candidates will be requested to take the TOEFL IBT. The minimum target score is TOEFL IBT 45 or TOEFL ITP/PBT 450. Please note that teachers who have lower English skills (TOEFL IBT 38-44 or TOEFL ITP/PBT 425-449), but are otherwise strongly qualified, may be provided additional English language prior to the start of the program; 
  8. Have submitted a complete online application.

*Secondary-level teachers include both middle and high school teachers working with students between approximately 12 and 18 years of age.  Teachers responsible for teaching additional grade levels must teach middle or high school students more than 50% of their work time in order to be eligible for the program.  Please note that this is an upper level university or graduate level academic program for practicing teachers. Educational administrators (such as representatives or officials of the Ministry of Education) and school administrators who do not teach at least fifty percent of their time, full-time teacher trainers, university faculty, private English Language tutors, and teachers from schools primarily serving expatriates are not eligible.  

Please read all instructions and information on the online application carefully before starting an application, and review all fields before submitting.  All forms in this application are to be completed in English.  Upload supplementary documents including the reference letters and passport copy in the allowed electronic formats such as .docx, .jpeg, .gif, .pngand.pdf.  Each document should not exceed 4MB in size.  

Applicants must reside in the country of citizenship at the time of application and of program participation.  Preference will be given to candidates with limited prior experience in the U.S. Mongolians holding U.S. green cards are not eligible to apply.  

Teachers working in under-resourced, minority, or indigenous communities or who are current English Access program teachers will be given priority.  Selection criteria will also include consideration of gender, geographic, and other diversity factors.  

All U.S. Government scholarship programs adhere to equal opportunity principle.  Any individual who fulfills the program criteria are welcome to apply regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, age and/or political or religious beliefs.  Fulbright TEA supports inclusion and strongly encourages teachers with disabilities to apply. 

The online application deadline is February 1, 2021 8:30 a.m. ULAT.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  

Please direct all inquiries to