The Summer 2022 Study of the U.S. Institutes for Young Women Leaders

November 19, 2021
Public Affairs Section
U.S. Embassy Mongolia

Call for Applications: PAS-Ulaanbaatar-004/FY2022
The Summer 2022 Study of the U.S. Institutes for Young Women Leaders

The Public Affairs Section of U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar is now accepting applications for the Summer 2022 Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSIs) for Young Women Leaders. The application deadline is 8:00 a.m. on Monday, December 20, 2021. 

SUSIs for Young Women Leaders (formerly SUSIs for Student Leaders on Women’s Leadership) are intensive short-term academic programs whose purpose is to provide groups of undergraduate student leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills.

The Institutes will incorporate a focus on American historical events as well as contemporary American life including current political, social, and economic debates in a pluralistic society. The Institutes will examine how government policies, business and private sector practices, and socio-cultural norms engage and affect women through the four thematic lenses presented below. The Institutes will also provide participants with opportunities to discuss current U.S. and global women’s issues such as: progress and opportunities for women’s leadership, combatting violence against women, addressing income disparity and other challenges to women in the workplace, women’s health issues, and the ways in which women can contribute to global peace, security, and stability.

The program will examine the participation of women through the following four Institute themes: Civic Engagement, Economic Development, Environmental Issues, and Public Policy. Participants from Mongolia will take part in the SUSI for Young Women Leaders on Public Policy institute which will examine topics including, but are not limited to, women in public service, the roles of government, private sector, civil society, and media in the policymaking process, and public policy as it relates education, public health, economic issues, technology and privacy, and diversity and inclusion, among others. Each Institute will host 20 participants.

The Institutes will consist of a four-week academic residency with a balanced series of seminar discussions, readings, group presentations, and lectures.  Site visits, leadership development, cultural activities, and community service complement the coursework and academic sessions.  If conditions allow, the Institutes will include a one-week integrated study tour in the United States.

To qualify, the applicants must:

  • Be Mongolian female undergraduate student living and studying in Mongolia, between the age of 18 and 25;
  • be proficient in English; 
  • be interested in the Institute topic;
  • have at least one semester left of their undergraduate studies, and be committed to returning to their home universities following completion of the program; 
  • demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university and community activities; 
  • indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States; 
  • have a sustained high level of academic achievement, as indicated by grades, awards, and teacher recommendations; 
  • demonstrate commitment to community and extracurricular university activities; 
  • have little or no prior study or travel experience in the United States or elsewhere outside of their home country; 
  • be mature, responsible, independent, confident, open-minded, tolerant, thoughtful, and inquisitive; 
  • be willing and able to fully participate in an intensive academic program, community service, and educational travel;
  • if the program is conducted in-person, be comfortable with campus life, prepared to share living accommodations, and able to adjust to cultural and social practices different from those of their home country; and, 
  • if the program must be conducted virtually, have access to the internet or help facilitate such access.

SUSIs for Young Women Leaders is an intensive and rigorous academic Institute and participants are expected to fully engage in all aspects of the program. Participants must attend all lectures, participate in all required organized activities, and complete all assignments. Family members and/or friends may not accompany or join participants for any part of the program. Housing will be in shared or single university dorms on campus or full-service hotels within walking distance of most classroom activities. In addition to regular group meals and a university meal plan, participants may have access to a kitchen to cook some meals on their own. Care will be taken to ensure that any special requirements regarding diet, daily worship, housing, and medical care are satisfied.  Special accommodations will be made available to the greatest extent possible. Violations of program rules, host institution rules, or local, state, or federal laws can be grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. 

Should health, safety, and travel conditions continue to pose significant challenges, the SUSI will pivot to a virtual format. The virtual program would consist of a minimum of 36 hours of required programming with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.  To the extent possible, the virtual programming would include lectures, small group discussions, videos, readings, panels, site visits, leadership development, assignments, and individual and group activities.  Participants would be expected to fully participate in the entire virtual program from their locations.

The application deadline is 8:00 a.m. on Monday, December 20, 2021.  To apply, please submit completed [application form] to

The Embassy will announce application results in January 2022 and will notify all applicants via email.  Any inquiries about the program will not be answered via phone.  Please direct all inquiries to