Alert: Additional Anti-COVID-19 Measures Adopted

On November 12, the Mongolian State Emergency Committee (SEC) announced additional measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.  These measures are:

A strict lockdown will be enforced starting at 2300 on November 12.  Pedestrians and drivers will be stopped by the police and asked to show ID and report their purpose of travel. The public is urged to stay home and leave homes only to buy groceries, medicines, and other necessities.  Supermarkets, grocery stores and markets will remain open, and residents are encouraged to shop in their neighborhoods.

The SEC also provided the following update on the community transmission of COVID-19 and the Mongolian government’s preparations.

Eleven COVID testing stations have been set up in Ulaanbaatar and 1150 hospital beds have been designated to treat suspected cases of COVID-19.

Contact tracing is ongoing and two more cases linked to the first individual who tested positive, raising the total to six cases.  An elderly individual from Selenge province who began exhibiting symptoms on November 6 was admitted to the hospital on November 9 and tested positive for COVID-19.  This individual has been moved to the National Center for Communicable Diseases.