Alert: Certain Anti-COVID-19 Measures Reimposed in Ulaanbaatar

Effective March 15, the Mongolian government has increased its state of pandemic preparedness and reimposed certain anti-COVID-19 measures in Ulaanbaatar.  The capital region is now classified as “Orange – Level 3” on the government’s four-point scale and is expected to remain at this level for at least the next two weeks.  This decision follows rising COVID-19 case counts throughout the city.

During this time, operations of the following 14 business categories will be restricted:

  1. Demonstrations, gatherings, competitions, and tournaments
  2. Travel, picnics, weddings, ceremonies, and receptions (family outings are not restricted)
  3. Bars (including dance venues and karaoke)
  4. Exhibitions
  5. Gaming centers
  6. Training and vocational practice centers (for audience sizes above 10)
  7. Art and cultural activities
  8. Cinemas and performances (above 30% capacity)
  9. Relaxation centers
  10. Gyms and fitness centers (above 30% capacity)
  11. Saunas and swimming pools (above 30% capacity)
  12. Hotels/motels
  13. Religious centers, temples, churches, and mosques
  14. Exercise and training activities in excess of 10 participants, except preparation for Olympics and international tournaments

Non-essential travel into/out of Ulaanbaatar will again be restricted during this period, with limited exceptions (e.g. medical emergencies, funerals, food and gas transport).  Residents of Ulaanbaatar will be permitted to enter the capital from the provinces, whereas return travel by provincial residents must be approved by the receiving province’s emergency commission and may be conditioned upon a negative COVID-19 test.  Restrictions on non-essential vehicular movement within the capital will be reimposed from 11:00pm until 6:00am each evening.

Citizens are encouraged to review previous Embassy announcements containing guidance on the measures adopted by the Mongolian government related to the community transmission of COVID-19 by visiting: