Alert: Heightened Risk of Localized Quarantine in Ulaanbaatar

The Government of Mongolia’s efforts to disrupt the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ulaanbaatar involve an aggressive regimen of contact tracing, medical surveillance, and compulsory testing and quarantine. Over the past week, numerous buildings and businesses have come under police control and all occupants have been ordered to quarantine in place. These localized lockdowns occur with little warning and, in the event that COVID-19-positive cases are identified, may last for a number of days.

As of February 2, 20 locations in Ulaanbaatar city including Songinokhairkhan (2 areas), Sukhbaatar (4 areas), Chingeltei (4 areas), and Bayazurkh (10 areas) have seen restrictions due to possible COVID-19 exposure. Building occupants and residents of these locations have been subjected to COVID-19 testing, with completely negative results leading to the lifting of localized quarantine restrictions and positive results leading to an extended quarantine period. The National Center for Communicable Diseases reports that even when test results are negative, residents are expected to be re-tested within 14 days and may be contacted by health workers and questioned about symptoms, recent movements, etc.

American citizens in Ulaanbaatar are encouraged to maintain adequate emergency provisions (food, water, medications, etc.) in the event they are required to quarantine in place. Please visit the Department of State’s website for additional recommendations on personal emergency preparedness, which are worth reviewing any time you travel overseas.