Alert: Increased Restrictions in Bayanzurkh District

Increased Restrictions in Bayanzurkh District

Beginning at 0600 on March 17 until at least 2300 on March 21, the Bayanzurkh District Emergency Committee ordered the complete control of all movement into and out of Khoroo 26 of Bayanzurkh District.  Only emergency personnel will be permitted to transit this area until the enhanced restrictions are lifted.  The area has been rated with high risk of infection.  Residents living in this area above the age of 18 are being tested for COVID-19, and all residents are advised not to consume alcoholic beverages and to follow the directions of local health authorities and other officials during the lockdown.  Only supermarkets, pharmacies and hospitals are permitted to operate as all other activities are restricted.

The Khan Uul District Emergency Committee is monitoring growing case counts in Khoroo 15 of the district and considering implementation of similar restrictions.

American citizens in Ulaanbaatar are encouraged to maintain adequate emergency provisions (food, water, medications, etc.) in the event they are required to quarantine in place. Please visit the Department of State’s website for additional recommendations on personal emergency preparedness, which are worth reviewing any time you travel overseas.

Citizens are encouraged to review previous Embassy announcements containing guidance on the measures adopted by the Mongolian government related to the community transmission of COVID-19 by visiting:  For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please refer to the Embassy’s COVID-19 webpage.