Alert: Lockdown Extended until December 14, 2020, Followed by Localized Downgrade of State of Emergency

The Mongolian government has extended the current state of “all-out-preparedness” resulting in the prolongation of the current status of lockdown in Ulaanbaatar, Arkhangai and Selenge provinces until December 14, 2020.  Please note that current restrictions have been extended until December 21, 2020, in high-risk areas including Battsengel soum of Arkhangai province as well as Altanbulag and Sukhbaatar soums of Selenge province.  Until the above dates, previous guidance on limiting movement still stands.

The Mongolian government has publicly announced a downgrade in its state of emergency preparedness, effective December 14, 2020, in Ulaanbaatar, Arkhangai and Selenge provinces.  Beginning on this date, vehicle restrictions and the prohibition of wine and beer sales will be lifted.  Also in connection with this decision, 34 categories of businesses will be permitted to resume operations (see list below), although operating hours for certain categories will be limited.  Business categories deemed high-risk, including gyms, cinemas, bars, and karaoke, will be reopened in phases as the situation normalizes.

  1. Household sections in markets
  2. Construction shops
  3. Wood markets
  4. Auto technical markets (special conditions apply)
  5. Restaurants (special conditions apply)
  6. Cafes (special conditions apply)
  7. Cafeterias (those next to public services and organizations)
  8. Fast food and chain restaurants (special conditions apply)
  9. Food delivery (special conditions apply)
  10. Coffee shops
  11. Clothing alteration services
  12. Shoe repair services
  13. Home furniture shops
  14. Household electronics and electrical appliance repair shops
  15. Jewelry shops
  16. Bag restoration services
  17. Optical centers
  18. Key and lock repair services
  19. Clock repair services
  20. Dry cleaning services
  21. Photo studios
  22. Moving services
  23. Rental services
  24. Public toilets
  25. Loan services
  26. Auto repair services
  27. Tire repair services
  28. Car washing services
  29. Car interior lining services
  30. Auto part shops
  31. Car parking (indoor and outdoor)
  32. Public apartment services
  33. Construction and renovation
  34. Taxis (special conditions apply)

Citizens are encouraged to review previous Embassy announcements containing guidance on the measures adopted by the Mongolian government related to the community transmission of COVID-19 by visiting: