Alert: Mongolian Immigration Agency Announces Changes to Covid-19-related Automatic Visa Extension Procedures

Alert: Mongolian Immigration Agency Announces Changes to Covid-19-related Automatic Visa Extension Procedures

The Mongolian Immigration Agency has clarified its guidance on the immigration status of foreigners present in the country whose visas have or may expire because of their inability to exit Mongolia due to travel restrictions imposed due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.  

Foreign citizens should be aware that visa extensions are being processed during this pandemic period. Foreign residents whose visas have or will expire should contact the Immigration Agency and request an extension of their stay.  You should contact the Immigration Agency if you find yourself in this situation.

Visas for foreign citizens with permanent residence in Mongolia are being extended with certain requirements.  Exit deadlines have also been extended for Foreign citizens who hold temporary visitator or business visas and those who entered the country without a visa for stays of up to 90 days. Visa validity is being extended in correlation with quarantine restrictions though it is unclear to the Embassy whether these extensions will be offered only until May 31, 2020 when current emergency measures are scheduled to expire.  You should monitor local media and make direct inquiries with the Immigration Agency regarding your situation.

All visitors/residents requesting a visa extension are required to pay a fee except for citizens of South Korea. 

Extension request for residence permit for investor T visa, workers “HG” visa categories are being received online. Please visit to request an extension of these visa categories.  Pleas note that the Embassy understands that the Immigration Agency will not make any note on the residency card regarding an approved extension, decision will be instead sent to visa-holders via e-mail. 

Contact Information – Mongolian Immigration Agency



Hotline: +976 1800 1882 (English and Mongolia)

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