ALERT: New Measures Adopted to Combat COVID-19

ALERT: New Measures Adopted to Combat COVID-19

On November 11, 2020, Mongolia’s State Emergency Committee (SEC) announced new measures aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.  The measures come after an individual tested positive for coronavirus reportedly after exiting 21 days of quarantine.  The individual’s family members also tested positive according to press reports.  Below you will find a list of the anti-COVID-19 measures adopted by the SEC followed by a list of locations where the infected individual may have been present and where authorities are attempting to conduct contact tracing.


New anti-COVID-19 measures adopted by the SEC today

  • All entertainment activities and events, public gatherings, conferences, cinemas, sports, and cultural events, gaming centers, playgrounds, and all types of children’s activities in the city of Ulaanbaatar are temporarily suspended.
  • From 0200 on November 11 until at least 2300 on November 13, all outbound traffic including private vehicles, public transportation, scheduled domestic flights, and passenger trains departing Ulaanbaatar are temporarily suspended.  The media also reports that some international flights have been postponed.
  • From November 11 until November 14, all levels of educational institutions including schools, universities, and vocational training centers in Ulaanbaatar will remain closed.


Points of interest for contact tracing


The SEC announced that the infected individual was present at the locations below on the dates indicated. Public health officials advise the public to contact them by phone at 119.  The Embassy anticipates this hotline to be staffed only by Mongolian speakers as such American citizens may wish to have a bilingual friend call on their behalf.  Health officials also advise that if you believe you came into contact with the infected individual, you should isolate at home and not go to a hospital unless you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.


Date(s)  Location(s) 


Altanbulag border check point

10/16 – 11/06

Enkh-Saran Health Center


Western part of Ulaanbaatar – Nisekh, 5 Shar, and Horoolo bus stops.


UB Palace attending the “Harhan Nuden” concert;

Nearby “Mongol Deej” company

22 Tovchoo



22 Tovchoo

Auto repair shop “Altan Tegsh”