Ambassador Galt’s Remarks at Opening of Lost Children of Heaven at 976 Gallery

AMBASSADOR GALT: Good afternoon everyone, thank you for that very kind introduction.

It is really an honor to be here today. Thank you, Ganaa, for your work and putting together this exhibit.

I would also like to acknowledge our colleagues from the Ministry of Environment who are here today and from the NGO sector as well for being partners in this global effort.

This important exhibit here today turns the spotlight on the problem of air pollution here in Ulaanbaatar and its effect in our climate and our lives.

As you all know, earlier this month 196 nations came together in Paris to declare their joint commitment to fighting climate change.

I think it is fitting that today’s opening, the combination of immense effort by Ganaa and the Art Support Association, and of course the artists who created today’s extraordinary pieces of art reflects the same spirit of partnership right here in Mongolia.

I am very proud that the U.S. Embassy is a sponsor of tonight’s exhibit, which brings the issue of air pollution into sharp focus for us all.

Air pollution is a problem that knows no geographic boundaries, artistic expression also knows no boundaries.

I love how the talented artists whose works are displayed in the Lost Children of Heaven exhibit depict the issue of the air pollution wordlessly and universally. It strikes me more and more everyday that air pollution and climate change are issues that all of us, as residents of planet Earth, must work together to combat.

As you may know, the U.S. Embassy has just launched an Air Quality Monitoring Program. We now publish public data 24 hours a day and seven days a week on air quality in our neighborhood in Ulaanbaatar. And as I was just saying to the Minister, it is my hope that our data would become one of the many points of data for the citizens of Ulaanbaatar.

The technology of air monitors is a scientific contribution that complements the contributions of the artists we are here to see tonight.

Scientists define the problem analytically and artists give emotional expression to the same problem. Both contributions, we hope, enhance public understanding.

I am told that 4,000 people responded to Ganaa’s Facebook invitation to visit this exhibit, so I want to thank to all of you for coming.

We are privileged to have a sneak preview of the extraordinary exhibit tonight. It is my hope that the Lost Children of Heaven exhibit will inspire continued collaboration between U.S. and Mongolia on the important issue of climate change.

Enjoy the beautiful artwork, thank you very much. Bayarlalaa.