Ambassador Jennifer Zimdahl Galt’s Remarks at the AmCham Special Event

AMBASSADOR GALT: Good morning everyone. Chairman Liotta, members of AmCham, very nice to be back with you this morning, and to have the opportunity to introduce to you Department of Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary Patrick Santillo.

When I first met with AmCham in last November, I promised that the U.S. Embassy would continue to work with you to enhance Mongolia’s business environment and to expand opportunities in a variety of sectors, most importantly clean energy and agriculture.

I promised that AmCham and its members would have a solid ally in their corner as they engage with Mongolia in pursuit of these opportunities. Pleased to hear from your chairman that our partnership is successful thus far. The visit of Deputy Assistant Secretary Santillo to Mongolia, a few short months after my arrival, is evidence that we are serious about our commitment to working with AmCham, and our commitment to enhancing the investment environment for U.S. business here in Mongolia.

I can tell you from my own experience, having the pleasure of working with Deputy Assistant Secretary Santillo in my previous assignment that he means business, and he delivers. So we are particularly happy to have him here with us this morning. Among the opportunities we are looking to explore on his current visit, and we hope his future visits are opportunities in clean energy and agriculture.

As I have said before, these are sectors where U.S. goods and services are particularly well-suited to expand and develop the market in Mongolia, and which in Mongolia can build enduring partnerships with U.S. companies. So I’m thrilled that Deputy Assistant Secretary Santillo is here to discuss with you ongoing Department of Commerce initiatives in Mongolia and approaches to promote Mongolian clean energy and agricultural opportunities to U.S. exporters and investors.

And now, chairman Liotta, members of AmCham, gives me great pleasure to introduce Deputy Assistant Secretary Patrick Santillo.