Ambassador Jennifer Zimdahl Galt’s Remarks at Five Hills Training Center

AMBASSADOR GALT: Minister Tsolmon, Major General Davaa, officers, and soldiers of the Five Hills Training Center, colleagues, good afternoon.

I guess, it is still morning, good morning.

It is great to be here at the Armed Forces of Mongolia’s premier peacekeeping training center at Five Hills.

This is my second visit, and it’s a great pleasure to be back.

Today I am honored to mark a significant milestone in the U.S. – Mongolia defense relationship.

Today we recognize Mongolia for its significant accomplishments in not only becoming a self-sufficient peacekeeping force, but also a regional leader in UN Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO).

The professionalism of Mongolia’s peacekeepers is no secret; Mongolia’s forces are highly sought-after to participate in both UNPKO and NATO coalition missions.

The United States is extremely proud of the role we have played in Mongolia’s accomplishments in peacekeeping.

For more than 15 years, our two militaries have worked closely to develop Mongolia’s peacekeeping capability through a combination of assistance, exchanges and exercises.

Mongolia’s peacekeepers are experts in their craft, renowned for upholding human rights, peace and security.

Today we stand inside a new Multipurpose Training Facility that was constructed as part of $11.5 million dollars in U.S.-funded construction at Five Hills.

This fine facility, as well as the others recently constructed by both the U.S. and Mongolia, will be used to train future generations of Mongolian peacekeepers as well as the international community through GPOI (Global Peace Operations Initiative) training and the Khaan Quest multilateral Peace Support Exercise.

The U.S. looks to Mongolia as a dedicated and steadfast partner in peace, security and democracy.

We eagerly anticipate our future cooperation with Mongolia’s Peacekeepers to develop even more advanced capabilities.

Thank you very much.