Anti-COVID-19 Measures Reimposed in Ulaanbaatar

On December 21, 2020, the Mongolian government announced that a state of “all-out-preparedness” and associated lockdown measures would be reimposed in Ulaanbaatar beginning at 0600 on December 23 and continuing until at least 0600 on January 6.  This decision follows reports of additional confirmed cases associated with a local COVID-19 cluster.

American citizens should expect the reimposition of anti-COVID-19 measures adopted during the previous lockdown, including the suspension of non-essential businesses, movement restrictions (both vehicular and pedestrian), and ongoing contact tracing.  The public is once again urged to stay home and leave only to buy groceries, medicines, and other necessities.  Supermarkets, grocery stores, and markets will remain open, and residents are encouraged to shop in their neighborhoods.

The following additional sectors will be permitted to continue limited operations during this period:

  1. Energy, improved heating fuel supply
  2. Food production, trade, distribution, and transportation services
  3. Petroleum products, fuel supply, distribution, and transportation activities
  4. Fodder distribution and transportation activities
  5. National important and strategically considered organizations, their supply flows and transportation operations
  6. Public transportation and licensed taxi services
  7. Urban water supply, sanitation and their operations
  8. Supply of medical organizations, medicines, and medical equipment
  9. Bank operations
  10. Media, communication, and postal services
  11. Activities of organizations with special functions
  12. Legislative, judicial, prosecutorial, advocacy, and notarial activities
  13. Funeral services
  14. Center for Domestic Violence and Child Care
  15. Some public administration bodies

City residents working in industries other than those listed above will be prohibited from traveling via car, and drivers with recently-granted QR codes should see their codes reactivated.

Travel into Ulaanbaatar city remains possible until 0600 on December 23, subject to previously-announced re-entry procedures, while travel out of Ulaanbaatar is restricted.  (Emergency travel out of Ulaanbaatar may be possible, depending on the circumstances.)  At present, public transportation will continue operating at normal hours.

Citizens are encouraged to review previous Embassy announcements containing guidance on the measures adopted by the Mongolian government related to the community transmission of COVID-19 by visiting:

Update on Consular Services

The Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar has once again temporarily suspended all consular services.  Services will resume as soon as they are deemed safe for visa applicants and American citizens.  If you are an American citizen in need of emergency assistance, please contact +976 7007-6001.