U.S. Law Firms in Mongolia

This is a list of law firms in Ulaanbaatar that are either owned or managed by U.S. citizens and who have English-speaking lawyers.  The U.S. Embassy provides this list as a convenience only.  Neither the U.S. Government nor any official of the U.S. Embassy assumes any responsibility for the competence or probity of any firm or advocate on this list or for consequences of any legal action initiated or advice given.

Suite 1008, 10th Floor Grand Plaza
Enkhtaivan Ave-46, Bayangol District
Ulaanbaatar 21 0628, Mongolia
Tel: +976-7011-9339
Fax: + 976-7011-9669
Email: anderson.mongolia@anallp.com
Website: http://www.anallp.com

Other and Associated Offices: New York – Los Angeles – Beijing – Guangzhou – Shanghai – Macau – Hong Kong – Mumbai – Tel Aviv

Attorney at Law (Banking and Finance – Corporate Planning – Employment – Infrastructure and Construction – Intellectual Property – Litigation and Dispute Resolution – Mergers and Acquisitions and reorganizations – Mining, Real Estate)

Suite 401, New Century Plaza
Chinggis Khaan Avenue-15
Sukhbaatar District, 1st Khoroo
Ulaanbaatar 14253
Phone +976 7012 8900
Fax +976 7012 8901
Email: michael.aldrich@hoganlovells.com
Website: http://www.hoganlovells.com/ulaanbaatar/

Hogan Lovells was the first global law firm to establish a permanent presence in Mongolia. In August 2011, the Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Authority and the Legal Enterprise Registration Office of Mongolia issued their approvals for the establishment of Hogan Lovells (Ulaanbaatar) LLC, with a scope of business inclusive of legal services.

Hogan Lovells has the local and international expertise which enables it to cover all aspects of Mongolian commercial legal advice, including the preparation of formal legal opinions and representation of clients before Mongolian courts, as well as all international legal issues that may arise from doing business in Mongolia.

Building 5/3, Suite 3-1, Sukhbaatar District,
Marco Polo Palace
Jamyan Gunii Street, Ulaanbaatar
Phone: +976-11-327-810
Fax: +976-11- 327-829
E-mail: info@lehmanlaw.mn
Webpage: www.lehmanlaw.mn

Attorney at Law (insurance, banking/financial, commercial/business law, foreign investment, patents/trademarks/copyrights, civil law, criminal law, commercial law, contracts, transportation law, corporations, foreign claims, taxes, government relations, labor relations, immigration)

The Landmark, 7th Floor
Chinggis Avenue – 13, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Phone: +976-1132-5344
Fax: +976-1132-5358
E-mail: info@mlmongolia.com
Webpage: http://www.mlmongolia.com

Attorney at company formation, corporate governance, capital markets, banking, real estate, project finance, employment law, tax, and visas.