U.S. Visa Information for Mongolian Artists, Performers, and Entertainers

In general, professional artists, performers, and entertainers – also known as “members of the entertainment profession” – cannot travel to the United States on a B category visitor visa with the intent of “providing services.”  Members of the entertainment profession include performing artists such as stage and movie actors, musicians, singers, and dancers, as well …

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MEDIA NOTE: U.S. and Mongolia Hold Bilateral Consular Engagement

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesperson For Immediate Release  MEDIA NOTE April 25, 2019 U.S. and Mongolia Hold Bilateral Consular Engagement Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services Edward Ramotowski hosted a bilateral consular discussion with the Government of Mongolia, represented by State Secretary D. Davaasuren and Director General of the Department of Consular …

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