American Spaces

The American Spaces are small American style libraries that operate jointly by the U.S. Embassy and the public libraries. The American Spaces help students, researchers, teachers and the general public learns more about the U.S. and it encourage mutual understanding between the United States and Mongolia. The spaces offer different resources and information on American topics, provide free Internet access, an English language library and reference services.


The American Spaces in Mongolia promotes accurate and reliable information about the U.S., provide research and learning facilities, accommodate intellectual pursuits with quality resources for all academic levels, and introduce American values, culture and ideas to the general public.

Collections and Resources

  • Print collections of reference titles, works of fiction, business, social science, politics, education and culture
  • Magazines, journals and U.S. government reports and publications
  • Electronic journals from the U.S. Department of State, The Bureau of International Information Programs
  • Free internet access to resources at U.S. and international websites, non-U.S. government organizations, think tanks and academic institution
  • Access to multimedia: audio and video products such as CDs and DVDs for music and film collections, and CD-ROMs for reference information resources
  • Access to computers, printers, and copier, as well as facilities to send and receive documents electronically via e-mail or fax

If you need information about the U.S. government, society, international relationships, federal and state laws, regulations, homeland security, the military, economics, business and commerce, citizenship, human rights, democracy, values, culture and education, you can use the American Spaces library books and internet services.

American Space Ulaanbaatar

American Space Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar Public Library, Seoul Street 7
Ulaanbaatar 14251, Mongolia

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American Space Khovd

American Space Khovd
Khovd Public Library

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Information Resource Center

U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar,
P.O. Box 341,
Ulaanbaatar 14190,

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