English Access Micro-scholarship Program

The English Access Micro-scholarship Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and is part of the Office of English Language Program’s suite of initiatives.

The English Access Micro-scholarship Program provides a foundation of English language skills to talented youth from economically disadvantaged sectors through after school classes and intensive sessions. The program gives participants English skills that may lead to better jobs and educational prospects. Participants also gain the ability to compete for and participate in future exchanges and study in the United States.

In Mongolia the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar overseas the implementation of this State Department program, and Educational Advising Resource Center (EARC) had become the first institution to host Access program in 2006. Access programs run 2 years each. Since its launch, five Access programs had been organized in Mongolia graduating more than 350 secondary school children ages 13-20. EARC had hosted this program in its centers in Ulaanbaatar, Dornod, Khovd, and Bayan-Ulgii provinces.

In 2010, the program expanded its scope to be accessible to students with disability.  Hence the Mongolian Education Alliance (MEA) had become the 2nd institution to host the Special Access Micro-scholarship program for students with hearing and vision disability at schools #29 and #116 respectively.  More than 40 students graduated in 2014 with enriched knowledge of not only American sign language and Braille tactile writing skills, but with extensive knowledge about American culture, long lasting friendship, and greater opportunities towards their future.

In 2014, the American University in Mongolia became the 3rd host institution and currently there are 2 Access programs running actively nationwide. For more information, please contact us at englishprograms@usembassy.mn or the Access host institutions: EARC and AUM.