Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars

What is SUSI for Scholars?

The Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars (SUSI for Scholars) is a 5-6 week fully-funded professional development program for university teachers and researchers. It is designed to strengthen and support curricula and improve the quality of teaching about the United States in academic institutions overseas. The program takes place during the summer break of universities, mostly between June-August. Exact dates differ each year. The program is announced once annually and funds three to four people each year.

And the program scholarship covers:

  • All Transportation Costs: International airfare and domestic travel (Including in-country visa-related travels if the candidate resides outside Ulaanbaatar);
  • Living and Meals Accommodations: Participants are placed in university housing and are provided with modest meals and incidental expenses allowance;
  • Health Insurance: Participants are provided with accident and sickness benefit for the duration of their program;
  • Visa Costs: Visa payment is waived for all U.S. Government sponsored scholarship participants;
  • Travel Allowance: Participants are provided with small allowance for luggage and other travel-related expenses.

*Please note that SUSI program does not allow dependents to accompany participants. The program will not provide any visa or financial support to any family members. Applicants therefore must not plan to bring any family members along while they participate in the program.

This program is ideal for mid-career university teachers. Ideal candidates will have at least 5 years of teaching experience on the chosen subject and will hold at least Master’s degree on or related subject. Preference will be given to those whose universities intend to update their curriculum or offer a new course on the subject.

Academic Training: Participants spend approximately four weeks at a U.S. university where they take part in a series of lectures, seminar discussions and site visits. They learn about American educational philosophies, explore new teaching methods and pursue related research interests.

Study Trip: Participants spend the remaining two weeks on a study tour, which complements the academic program and includes visits to sites of interest in another geographic region of the country. The program typically concludes with several days of meetings and related study in Washington, D.C.

SUSI for Scholars program offers seven different subject areas to choose from. When applying, applicant must choose one of these subjects that suit his/her research or teaching background:

  • S. Culture and Society;
  • Contemporary American Literature;
  • S. Foreign Policy;
  • American Politics and Political Thought;
  • Journalism and Media;
  • S. National Security Policymaking;
  • Religious Pluralism in the United States.

To be eligible, applicants must be:

  1. Mongolian citizens currently living in Mongolia;
  2. Be a university faculty member or a researcher affiliated with a professional academic or research institute;
  3. Have graduate-level professional experience on the subject applying to;
  4. Be proficient in English (Be comfortable with academic English and be able to participate freely in graduate-level academic discussions);
  5. Preference will be given to candidates with limited prior experience in the U.S. (Please note that Mongolians holding U.S. green card are not eligible to apply).

In order to apply for the SUSI for Scholar’s program, the applicant will follow the steps below:

Select a subject area;

Fill out and submit SUSI application form:

  • The application form becomes available for download when the program is announced.
  • The announcement and the applications will be available on Embassy’s website.

Submit the completed application via email to within the deadline noted on the announcement.

Things to remember when filling out an application:

  • Read the announcement carefully in full;
  • Application must be completed in English in electronic format;
  • Applicants must answer all questions in the application form. Incomplete applications will be deemed technically ineligible. No questions can be left blank. Put N/A if not applicable;
  • Application must be typed. Hand-written applications will be disqualified;
  • Essays must be your own work reflecting your original thought. Other people’s works/ideas used anywhere in the application must be properly noted;
  • Please note any word or character limit for essay portions of the application and give your answers within the limit.

All U.S. Government scholarship programs are merit-based. Although we take in to account special circumstances of candidates such as disability, disadvantaged background, or any other notable characteristics, final decision is made based on the candidate’s overall strength as represented by the application quality and interview. We also consider one’s ability to be a cultural ambassador and his/her ability and motivation to give back to the community.

Following are the main steps for selection for the SUSI program:

Technical Screening: This is the initial review to verify the completeness of the applications. During technical screening, we check to see two main things:

  • If applications and any required supplemental documents are complete;
  • If applicants meet all the eligibility requirements.

Application Review: After technical screening, all complete applications are then reviewed by an application review committee. During this process, each application gets to be reviewed by a minimum of three people.

Short List: Based on the recommendations of the application review committee, an interview short list is created. Candidates who are included in the short list are then invited for an in-person interview.

Interview: An interview panel consisting of representatives of the U.S. Embassy and program alumni interviews all short listed candidates and select finalists to be nominated for the global competition.

Nomination: Finalists selected from the interview are then nominated by the embassy to SUSI Program Office in Washington D.C. where they will compete with nominations from embassies from around the world.

Final Selection: If selected from the global competition, the candidate is confirmed to participate in the program.

  • October – November: Scholarship is announced through U.S. Embassy website and social media;
  • November – January: Technical screening, application review and interview;
  • March – April: Final selection results announced to the finalists;
  • June – July: Departure to the U.S.