eBooks: If You Want to Study in the United States

Many students throughout the world choose to pursue their post-secondary studies in the United States. Why? Because the U.S. has one of the best university system with excellent programs in almost all fields.

To help prospective students in their quest to acquire an American education, the U.S. Department of State’s Educational Information and Resources Branch has produced a series of booklets published under the title If You Want to Study in the U.S. The four booklets aim to answer oft-repeated questions about studying in the U.S.

Book 1: Undergraduate Study (PDF 2.53 MB)

How to choose and apply to U.S. bachelor’s and associate degree programs, plus information on technical and vocational educational opportunities in the United States.

Book 2: Graduate and Professional Study and Research (PDF 2.70 MB)

How to research and apply to U.S. master’s, doctoral degree, and postdoctoral programs, plus information on certification and licensing procedures for professionals who wish to further their education or practice in the United States.

Book 3: Short-Term Study, English Language Programs, Distance Education, and Accreditation (PDF 1.51 MB)

Information on opportunities to study in the United States for up to one year, plus an overview of studying toward a degree, diploma, or certificate from outside the United States through distance education programs. The Booklet also includes detailed information on accreditation of U.S. higher education institutions.

Book 4: Getting Ready to Go: Practical Information for Living and Studying in the United States (PDF 2.19 MB)

Help with planning your move to the United States after you have been accepted to a U.S. university or college. This booklet provides advice on applying for a visa, moving to the United States, and what to expect when you arrive on campus.