Contracting Opportunities

Contract opportunities at the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia contracts for goods and services will be announced and posted here. Each call for contracts is separate and distinct, and posted with its instructions and criteria for requesting solicitation package.

To all interested parties

Planning to Bid on Embassy Contracts?

The System for Award Management (SAM) is the official free, U.S. government-operated system where vendors must register prior to doing business with the Federal Government (including the U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar). There is NO charge to register or maintain your registration record in SAM.

Registration in SAM is required in the following cases:

  • For Mongolian vendors, in the case of any award over $30,000 U.S. dollars (or its equivalent in Tugrig)
  • For U.S. vendors, before an award of $3,500 or more (or its equivalent in Tugrig)

Registration takes 3-4 weeks. Therefore, the Embassy urges all parties interested in doing business with the U.S. Government register as soon as possible and not wait until a request for quotations (RFQ/RFP) is released. Businesses may register directly at

We have easy to follow instructions (PDF 920 KB) and additional information (PDF 148 KB). There is also information on who to contact in case of questions. (*Please do not contact the U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar directly about questions related to SAM.)

Dear Prospective Vendors:

SUBJECT:  Solicitation Number 19MG1019Q0005

Enclosed is a Request for Quotations (RFQ) for internet circuit line.  If you would like to submit a quotation, follow the instructions in Section 3 of the solicitation, complete the required portions of the attached document, and submit it to the address shown on the Standard Form 1449.

The U.S. Government intends to award a contract/purchase order to the responsible company submitting an acceptable quotation at the lowest price.  We intend to award a contract/purchase order based on initial quotations, without holding discussions, although we may hold discussions with companies in the competitive range if there is a need to do so. Per applicable procurement regulations, a pre-solicitation advertisement ran on the US Embassy website from June 10 to June 24, 2019.

The U.S. Embassy intends to conduct a pre-quotation conference at the Embassy on July 19, 2019.  All interested parties are encouraged to attend.  You must RSVP to the pre-quotation conference by noon on July 18, 2019 to

Your completed quotation must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Quotation Enclosed for 19MG1019Q0005” to the US Embassy, Denver Street #3, 11th Micro District, Ulaanbaatar 14190, Attn: GSO/Contracting Office before 17:00, August 16, 2019. Vendors must deliver the package in person – electronic submissions will not be accepted.  No quotations will be accepted after this time. Responses must be in English.  Incomplete packages will not be accepted.

Given the independent government cost estimate, all prospective vendors must be registered and in good standing with the System of Award Management ( in order to be considered.

Direct any questions regarding this solicitation by email to

To: Prospective Offerors

Pre-solicitation advertisement for Request for Quotations No. 19MG1019Q0004

July 16, 2019

Subject: Daily Winter Shuttle service for LES 

The U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar plans to issue a Request for Quotations (RFQ) for Daily Winter Shuttle service procurement for the U.S. Embassy Locally Employed Staff (LES). RFQ number is 19MG1019Q0004. We intend to issue the solicitation package no earlier than July 31, 2019. The solicitation will be posted on the U.S. Embassy website once it is released. Any potential offerors wishing to be notified of the release of the solicitation should email to

Responses must be in English. Incomplete offers/responses will not be considered.

Given the independent government cost estimate, all contractors have to be registered in the SAM (System for Award Management) Database  prior to contract award pursuant to FAR provision 5.207.  Therefore prospective offerors are encouraged to register prior to the submittal of quotations/proposals. The guidelines for registration in SAM are also available at the above web address.

In compliance with Federal procurement regulations, this advertisement will be active for at least 15 days before the solicitation period opens. The advertisement will be active from July 16, 2019 to July 30, 2019.

Questions should be directed to

This is a solicitation notice for Quality Assurance (QA) services to be delivered in Mongolia. The U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) anticipates awarding one contract for the required Quality Assurance Engineer & Inspection Services (QA) in support of various Humanitarian Assistance project sites in Mongolia. This solicitation seeks companies (Offerors) that can perform Quality Assurance Engineer & Inspection Services.  Any resulting contract will be a firm-fixed priced award.  Interested and legally eligible quality assurance companies who can provide QA services in Mongolia for design build construction projects are encourage to submit proposals.

The solicitation and requisite amendments are provided in the links under the “Resources” section of this notice as provided below.  The complete solicitation consists of the solicitation document and all amendments.  Perspective Offerors are requested to also view and consider the amendments when preparing offers.  Instructions for submitting an offer are included in the solicitation document, refer to the amendments for modification of the solicitation including the deadline to submit. Carefully read and comply with requirements of the solicitation and all amendments. Incomplete offers or offers received after the submission deadline will not be considered responsive and will not be considered.

For all questions regarding this solicitation, contact the USACE Contracting Officer for this action at “”.  For any inquiry please refer to Solicitation W911KB19R0013.

Note: All submitted documents need to be in English. Offerors are responsible for all costs and fees associated with preparation of proposals. If the project is cancelled, all proposal preparation costs will be borne by the offeror.


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