Fellow Completes a Semester of Bi-Weekly Methodology Workshops at the American Corner

Methodoly Workshop series by English Language Fellow Jeff Arrigo at American Corner in Ulaanbaatar

I really appreciate the way the teachers in Mongolia, despite their heavy workloads, are excited to come to professional development offerings. I formed relationships with a good number of teachers who came to many or all of the workshops I presented. – Fellow Jeff Arrigo


Name: Jeff Arrigo
Participant type: 
Academic Year: 
City, Country of Activity: 
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Activity Date: 
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 to Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Number of Participants: 
Key Audience: 
Public School teachers (80%); University instructors (20%)
Percentage male: 
Percentage female: 
What was the budget for this activity? 
Did you obtain consent forms from the participants pictured? 


Activity Description: The American Corner in Ulaanbaatar hosts a methodology workshop each Wednesday from 3-5 pm, and Arrigo presented workshops on 6 different occasions. The workshops included “Rhythm and Musicality of English”, “Using Grammar Games to Enliven the Classroom”, “Promoting Learner Autonomy”, “Rubrics and Writing Prompts: Starting on the Right Foot with Academic Writing”, “Developing Academic Paragraphs”, and “Using Holiday Music for Songwriting”. Each interactive workshop was attended by 30-45 learners, ranging from elementary teachers to college instructors.

Activity Significance and Impact The workshops topics were chosen through conversations with the Embassy Education Language Officer and through Arrigo’s observations of what might be the most helpful for teachers. Workshops were centered on methodology and were constructed to give participants a number of activities or approaches that could be implemented immediately with little or no materials needed. It is hoped that participants implemented at least one item from each workshop in their classrooms.

Did you collaborate with any other organizations (U.S. Government or local organizations) to carry out this activity? American Corner in Ulaanbaatar

Which U.S. State Department initiated programs or products were associated with this activity? American English Website; Forum Magazine

What materials did you use for this activity? computer, projector, copies for handouts

How were participants recruited for this activity? Through Facebook site and by word of mouth