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Learn How to Build a Startup: Join the Entrepreneurship MOOC Study Group at the American Corner in Ulaanbaatar

Last week, a new study group taking an entrepreneurship MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) started at the American Cultural and Information Center . Led by Peace Corps Volunteer Mr. Mark Dvorak, the group is to meet every Thursday to discuss the course offered by Udacity, “How to Build a Startup.” Last Thursday at their first meeting, Mr. Dvorak made the ... Read More»

Embassy Official Promotes U.S. Scholarships, English Language Learning During Trip to Khovd Province

On Wednesday, April 8, during her first official trip to the western-most province of Mongolia, the Assistant Public Affairs Officer (APAO) of the U.S. Embassy in Mongolia, Ms. Christine Yarng, gave a public talk about scholarships and exchange programs offered by the U.S. Embassy.  The lecture, held at the Khovd province Public Library, covered the ... Read More»

Mongolia Groundwater Modeling Workshop

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) hosted a technical workshop on ground water modeling from March 30 – April 2 in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, Green Development, and Tourism (MEGDT). USACE said that in the four years they have been coming to Mongolia, this year’s water workshop was the most successful ... Read More»

Statement by the President on the Framework to Prevent Iran from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon

THE PRESIDENT:  Good afternoon, everybody.  Today, the United States — together with our allies and partners — has reached a historic understanding with Iran, which, if fully implemented, will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. As President and Commander-in-Chief, I have no greater responsibility than the security of the American people.  And I am ... Read More»

International Team Conducts Gobi Wolf 2015

The governments of Mongolia and the United States conducted an earthquake-readiness exercise together this week here. Gobi Wolf 2015 is a civil-military disaster preparedness and response initiative that focuses on regional readiness in response to natural and man-made disasters. Gobi Wolf is part of the Pacific Resilience Disaster Response Exercise and Exchange program, which focuses ... Read More»