Opening Remarks by Ambassador Jennifer Zimdahl Galt at the Press Roundtable

Ambassador Galt at the Press Roundtable

AMBASSADOR GALT: We are pleased to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our diplomatic relationship this year.

In cooperation with the MFA, we marked the actual anniversary date, January 27, with an academic conference, a photo exhibit, a concert with both U.S. and Mongolian musicians, and a diplomatic reception.

We’re looking to continue the celebration throughout the year, with the Philadelphia Orchestra’s June visit as one of the highlights. This will be the first-ever visit to Mongolia of a full U.S. orchestra.

I have very much enjoyed this opportunity to review how far our relationship has come since 1987 and to focus on increasing our cooperation in the next 30 years. As we look to the future, our first and highest priority is to work with Mongolia to revitalize and diver­sify its economy. The second is to sup­port Mongolia’s democratic institutions and democratic development, and the third is to promote Mongolia’s engage­ment with regional and multilateral in­stitutions.

The ties that bind our two countries are now tightly interwoven through countless exchanges, agreements, visits, and friendships. In the coming years, the United States will continue to stand firmly with Mongolia, as we build on this strong foundation.

Now I’d like to hear your questions.