Additional U.S. Government Assistance to Support Good Governance and Civil Society in Mongolia

May 1, 2020 – The U.S. government today announced the MNT8.3 billion ($3 million) expansion of the bilateral assistance agreement between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Mongolia’s Ministry of Finance to continue projects and implement new programs that support good governance and strengthen the role of civil society in achieving Mongolia’s development goals.  This brings the total USAID contribution to more than MNT 342 billion ($123 million) since 2004 to support Mongolia’s sovereignty and democracy.

“The United States and Mongolia are strong partners in achieving peace, democracy, and prosperity for Mongolia and for the broader Indo-Pacific region,” said U.S. Ambassador Michael Klecheski.  “Now more than ever during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States is committed to support Mongolia’s democracy; sustainable, inclusive private-sector driver economic growth; and sovereignty.”

Around the region, democracy and transparency have been the foundation for keeping citizens safe and healthy during this pandemic.  Building on the success of previous USAID projects, the expanded agreement will support the Government of Mongolia in its efforts to improve administrative reform and promote inclusive and participatory governance.  The additional USAID assistance will also help bolster citizen engagement and strengthen institutions and bodies engaged in promoting accountability, upholding democratic practices, and delivering public services.

Additionally, the U.S. government through USAID will enhance the capacity of civil society organizations and foster consensus-building processes.  USAID will work with local institutions, the private sector, and other donors to advance a citizen-centered approach to development that values the dignity and human rights of individuals, and promotes sovereignty and self-reliance.

The United States and Mongolia have long enjoyed a close partnership pursuing mutual development goals.  Ongoing USAID projects are building the next generation of democracy champions to promote effective, accountable governance, increasing lending to small and medium enterprises to grow and diversify Mongolia’s economy, and expanding women and youth engagement in the electoral and political processes.

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