U.S. Army Civil Affairs Team Supports Livestock Health

SFC Mark Abrahan, Civil Affairs Team Medic, teaches a first aid class in a traditional Mongolian ger in Jargalant bag, Bulgan province on July 26, 2022.

Ulaanbaatar — A U.S. Army Civil Affairs team from the U.S. Embassy, in partnership with the Mongolian NGO Steppe and Hoof and The Asia Foundation, conducted a medical and veterinary outreach program in Bulgan province July 24-28.

The program included classes on first aid and veterinary care for livestock for nomadic herders. A U.S. Army medic led first aid classes focused on basic medical skills such as bleeding control and splinting. A veterinarian from the Mongolian Institute for Veterinary Medicine led classes on good veterinary practices to maintain livestock health, identifying and treating common animal diseases, and Mongolian veterinary laws. The U.S. Army Civil Affairs team also donated veterinary and medical supplies to assist in caring for local livestock herds.

U.S. Army Civil Affairs teams are an important part of the United States’ efforts to build shared capacity with partner nations around the world. Projects like this medical and veterinary outreach are vital to promoting health and food security. The United States is proud to partner with Mongolia to strengthen herders’ livelihoods and support reliable food supply for the people of Mongolia.

CPT Nicollette Maclaren, Civil Affairs Team Leader, hands over veterinary and medical supplies to a bag veterinarian of Khishig-Undur soum, Bulgan province.