U.S. Army Civil Affairs support Rally For Rangers in Mongolia

In partnership with the Mongol Ecology Center and Spirit of America, a U.S. Army Civil Affairs Team supported the “Rally for Rangers” event, a cross-country journey aimed to benefit the Mongolian Park Rangers from Aug. 16-26, 2022.

The rally consisted of a 2,000-kilometer motorcycle ride from Dalanzadgad to Ulaan-Uul, Mongolia. Over the course of 11 days, the group traveled over rough terrain through five provinces, ending at the Ulaan-Uul National Park, where the motorcycles were donated to the Mongolian Park Rangers to support their response operations.  U.S. service members supported the event under the direction of the U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar, providing logistical and medical support throughout the event.

In addition to direct support to the rally, several members from the U.S. Army’s Civil Affairs team provided the rangers with medical and survival training seminar in Khatgal. The Civil Affairs team developed a curriculum that focused on the most common medical emergencies that they are likely to experience. Over the two-day engagement, rangers were taught treatment of immediate life threats, consisting of in-depth and practical exercises with rigorous, realistic trauma scenarios using items found in a basic survival kit. Following the medical engagement, the rangers were provided first aid and survival kits funded by Spirit of America. 

Civil Affairs efforts like this event continue to strengthen the U.S. and Mongolian partnership, reinforcing the skills necessary to respond rapidly in a crisis. Support of events like Rally for Rangers with our partners are instrumental in increasing emergency preparedness, cultivating civil-military cooperation, and enhancing bilateral response capabilities.