MCC awards the winners of the Mongolian “Water Stories” film competition

Mr. May presented Grand Prize award to Ch. Khulan

Press Release
October 08, 2021
For Immediate Release

MCC awards the winners of the Mongolian “Water Stories” film competition


Ulaanbaatar (October 8, 2021) The Mongolian Film Institute and the U.S. government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) announced the winners of the “Water Stories” film competition, which focused on the importance of water for Ulaanbaatar.

The U.S. Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission Gregory May emphasized the importance of art and culture and noted that, “Just as the Mongolia Water Compact seeks to boost the supply of high-quality water, so the Water Stories film competition seeks to boost the supply of high-quality filmmakers of all ages.” 

Mr. May presented awards to three filmmakers, including the grand prize for Ch. Khulan for her “Precious Gem” short film, which competition panelists described as “a creative combination of current water issues, mythology, live-action, and animation.” 

B. Sanjaabaldan received a special mention for his short film “Water,” which the panelists appreciated that his plea for changing water consumption habits was conveyed in a manner that was as “clear as water.” 

Finally, M. Mandukhai received an award in the young filmmaker’s category for her short film “Coupon” which is a creative use of limited resources to address the inequality of water use among apartment and ger area residents. 

The competition was organized in conjunction with the Mongolia Water Compact, which is funded by MCC. The Compact will build the critical infrastructure necessary to sustain Ulaanbaatar’s water supply and will positively impact more than 55 percent of Mongolia’s population. 

“In less than three decades, the population of Ulaanbaatar has nearly tripled in size,” explained Sodontogos Erdenetsogt, CEO of the Millennium Challenge Account, Mongolia, “however, the water supply has remained the same, creating the conditions for a severe water shortage.” 

Grand Prize Winner – “The Precious Gem” – Director Ch. Khulan

Special mention – “Water” – Director B. Sanjaabaldan

Young filmmaker’s category Winner – “Coupon” – Director M. Mandukhai


The Millennium Challenge Corporation is an international development agency of the U.S. Government, working to reduce global poverty through economic growth. Created in 2004, MCC provides time-limited grants and assistance to countries that meet rigorous standards for good governance, fighting corruption and respecting democratic rights.