U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation and State Hospital #3 Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Partnership

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its partnership with State Hospital #3, which included $8.5 million in renovations and equipment to provide modern technologies and services focused on early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

At the anniversary event, MCC Deputy Resident Country Director Burak Inanc thanked the Ministry of Health and the hospital team involved in the project for their excellent cooperation. He also congratulated Dr. Tumur-Ochir and his staff for their outstanding work and leadership at State Hospital #3 to fight against cardiovascular disease in Mongolia.

This initial MCC Compact in Mongolia was implemented 2008-2013 and focused on multiple sectors including transportation, vocational education, property rights, energy and environment, and health. The total investment was $285 million, and over $40 million of that amount focused on the health sector to strengthen prevention, early diagnosis, and management of non-communicable diseases and injuries.

In Mongolia, MCC is currently implementing a five-year compact focused on improving the sustainability of water resources in Ulaanbaatar. MCC is providing $350 million in grant funds and the Mongolian Government is contributing an additional $111 million to the program.

MCC is a U.S. government agency that provides large grant funds to eligible countries in order to implement projects that address constraints to economic growth. MCC investment programs, which are called compacts, are for five years and are implemented through host country counterpart organizations called Millennium Challenge Accounts.