MCC Hosts Leaders from Mongolia, Niger, Senegal for Democracy Delivers Development

For Immediate Release

December 9, 2021

WASHINGTON (Dec. 9, 2021) – The Millennium Challenge Corporation hosted senior government leaders from Mongolia, Niger, and Senegal to discuss how democracies are working in partnership to deliver development results. Watch the full event and read highlights from the discussion below with leaders from three countries that are partnering with MCC.“At all times we are making sure the population’s concerns are being taken into account into whatever we do.” Prime Minister Ouhoumoudou of Niger

“We believe that having an empowered civil society and media is crucial in strengthening good governance and scrutinizing policy implementation.” Deputy Foreign Minister Munkhjin of Mongolia

“We are a nation that has for a long time had these democratic values; a culture of transparency of rule of law, rights of people, rights of the press…and we firmly believe that strong democratic values and fast-tracking development can go together.” Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation Hott, Senegal

In closing, MCC’s Deputy CEO Alexia Latortue noted that across countries, we can learn and encourage each other and said, “We all know about the power of democracy, and we also know the fragility of democracy—that it requires constant labor and constant sustenance.”

This was an official side event to the White House hosted Summit of Democracy.

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