Remarks by Ambassador Jennifer Zimdahl Galt at the Opening of the Philadelphia Orchestra’s “Friendship Melodies” Concert

Ambassador Jennifer Zimdahl Galt delivers the opening remarks at the Philadelphia Orchestra concert "Friendship Melodies".

AMBASSADOR GALT: Good evening.

Thank you, Mr. State Secretary, for joining me tonight.

It is a great pleasure to open this evening’s performance by members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, a group renowned for creating powerful musical experiences for audiences around the world.

I am delighted to welcome as well the Mongolian Professional Music Association’s Itgel Chamber Orchestra, whose talented artists will open tonight’s concert.

In the last two days, Philadelphia Orchestra musicians and staff have offered public concerts and lectures, as well as master classes for local musicians.

Tonight’s performance is the culmination of their visit and one of the signature events in this year’s celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Mongolia.

In our three decades of political, economic, and defense cooperation, our cultural and people-to-people ties have grown tremendously, and I am confident that they will continue to expand, including through work with groups like the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Mongolian Professional Music Association.

It took a lot of hard work and flexibility by many parties to make this visit a reality.  I want to thank members of the Philadelphia Orchestra for coming to Mongolia and the Mongolian State Philharmonic for hosting tonight’s performance.

I also want to thank MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Khan Bank, Oyu Tolgoi LLC, the Shangri-La Hotel, the Children’s Palace, the Ulaanbaatar City Governor’s Office, the Office of the President of Mongolia, and State Secretary Davaasuren and the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their generous support.

Finally, I would like to thank Walter Douglas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, whose office secured U.S. government funding for the Philadelphia Orchestra’s visit, and the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs team for their tremendous work over the last several months that made all of this possible.

Enjoy the performance!