Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Manuel P. Micaller at the Arrival Ceremony for Being 737 MAX-800

Minister Sodbaatar, CEO Battur, Chariman Mergen, Director Grimsby:  I am so pleased to be here today to inaugurate the first of three Boeing 737 Super Max aircraft to Mongolia.  This partnership between MIAT and Boeing is yet another example of the robust, growing economic ties between the United States and Mongolia.  

The Boeing 737 MAX family brings the latest American technology to the most popular jet aircraft of all time, the 737.  The unmatched reliability and high quality of the MAX means more 737 flights depart on time with fewer delays. And as excited as I am about this delivery of new airplanes, my hope – indeed, my dream — is to one day ride a Boeing Dreamliner on a direct flights between the United States to Mongolia.  

The United States will be your partner throughout the journey to get there.  We look forward to welcoming FAA and TSA inspectors after the new airport’s opening to build a roadmap for eventual Category One certification for Mongolia.  This will open up new codeshare possibilities for MIAT and thus new revenue and job creation opportunities. We are confident that MIAT – with its excellent service and reliability and the professionalism of its fantastic men and women – will compete on equal footing with other airlines.  

I know Boeing has been already begun working with the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia to prepare for the upcoming safety and security audit, and I commend both the Civil Aviation Authority and Boeing for fostering that partnership.  

Building air travel linkages is essential for realizing the great potential of Mongolia’s tourism industry and efforts to achieve economic diversification.  More passengers also means building more people-to-people connections, creating even stronger relationships between Mongolia and its third neighbors.

Aside from bolstering Mongolia’s growing tourism industry, increasing air travel frequency means more trade.  For example, most of the cashmere apparel exported from Mongolia travels by air, and most air cargo travels in the bellies of passenger jets.  

In short, our work in civil aviation is a prime example of what government and business working together can accomplish for people.  Thank you and I look forward to the May deliveries of more Boeings!