Remarks at the Opening of American Days Expo

Ambassador Galt at the American Days Expo

AMBASSADOR GALT: Good afternoon everyone.

The United States Embassy is pleased to sponsor, in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce of Mongolia, the 2016 American Days Expo.

I’d like to thank Deputy-Mayor Bayarkhuu and Consular Uliziisaikhan from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for joining us today in support of U.S. private enterprises in Mongolia.

I am pleased at the opportunity the American Days Expo provides to showcase U.S. goods and services available in Mongolia and the value of the partnerships that bring these goods and services to Mongolian consumers.

The U.S. Embassy and AmCham are proud to partner with the Mongolian government to improve the investment climate, promote free enterprise, and bring more U.S. companies and products to Mongolia.

Our partnership has resulted in policy changes that benefit the business community and Mongolian consumers.

These include a delay in imposing a certificate of origin requirement on all imports coming into the country, and a commitment to examine all imposed exit bans and to rescind those not upheld by international law.

In the coming months, I hope our partnership with the government of Mongolia will also lead to the final implementation of the U.S.-Mongolia Transparency Agreement.

As I look out at the booths in this year’s Expo, I am pleased to see every sector valued by Mongolian consumers well-represented.

This diverse and growing array of U.S.-Mongolian partnerships tells me that in spite of the economic challenges currently facing Mongolia, there are always opportunities to be found and that Americans and Mongolians are willing and natural partners.

There are many advantages to having U.S. commercial activity in Mongolia.

It brings in world-class technology and innovative techniques, ethically-based business practices, a commitment to employee professional development, and a focus on the triple bottom line – the operations, transparency, and accountability – that is especially important in private enterprise.

One more advantage that you might not see, but that matters greatly to both businesses and consumers, is that all the U.S. goods and services on display here today are genuine – legitimate, reliable, and of high quality.

The U.S. Embassy and AmCham work proactively with Expo exhibitors and the government of Mongolia to ensure that intellectual property rights are protected.

So, I invite you to visit the U.S. Embassy booth right over there and speak with our commercial specialists, and listen to the presentation by our Consular Section Chief about visiting the United States, later this afternoon.

I also encourage you to visit the Lead Mongolia booth, which is right around in the back here, to learn about a new Young Leaders Exchange Program.

I wish this year’s American Days Expo every success.

Thank you much!