Teacher Mentors Complete Ten-Day Training with English Language Specialist

July 30 to August 9, 2017 – Twenty-nine English teachers from across Mongolia became English Teacher Mentors completing a ten-day training at a conference center in Terelj, Mongolia.

English Language Specialist, Barbara Williams Stoff conducted the training and taught participants how to conduct observations and give advice to struggling and new teachers. Regional English Language Officer, Dawn Rogier, and Post’s English Language Coordinator, T. Altantsetseg, also presented a workshop on using AE resources and the American English website.

Receiving Materials from Visiting RELO
Program participants received various teaching materials from the visiting Regional English Language Officer (RELO) Dawn Rogier

The Mentors will receive two more trainings in the fall and will give workshops throughout Mongolia and help other teachers in their provinces.

Materials for Mentors

There is a significant demand for professional training of teachers in rural provinces of Mongolia, and this program aims to enable Mongolian teachers to help with professional development of English language teachers in their home provinces.

This is the second year of mentor training, which provides support to beginning and struggling English teachers, and also trains Mongolian teachers to mentor other teachers using current methods of teaching.  Since the program’s inception seventy-five Mongolian teachers have been trained across the country.