The American Liaison Network and Citizen Liaison Volunteers

The U.S. Embassy seeks more volunteers to expand our American Liaison Network.  Previously known as “wardens,” Citizen Liaison Volunteers (CLV) help the U.S. Embassy communicate with U.S. citizens during emergencies or crises.

CLVs are usually U.S. citizens who are longer-term residents of Mongolia and who ideally (but not necessarily) speak the Mongolian language.  CLVs typically serve a one-year voluntary term, renewable each year.  CLVs must sign an annual Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) to formalize their service; among the requirements of the MoU is that the CLV safeguard the privacy information of fellow U.S. citizens.  CLV service is strictly voluntary and carries no salary or monetary reimbursement.

The Embassy needs more CLVs throughout Mongolia, but particularly in the following aimags:

  • Bayankhongor
  • Dornod
  • Khentii
  • Sukhbaatar
  • Tuv
  • Ulaanbaatar – Sukhbaatar District
  • Umnugobi
  • Uvurkhangai
  • Zavhan

What Is a Citizen Liaison Volunteer (CLV)?

  • A private U.S. citizen resident (non-U.S. citizens may also serve in this capacity) resident in Mongolia who assists the U.S. Embassy in conducting welfare and whereabouts checks, communicating with other U.S. citizens in crisis/emergency situations, and in preparing for crises.
  • CLVs must have and maintain strong ties with the U.S. expatriate community in their respective districts.
  • CLVs help the Embassy disseminate important safety and security information, to include everything from crime trends to disease outbreaks to warnings about possible riots/demonstrations.
  • CLVs assist and encourage U.S. citizens to register in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
  • CLVs also help the Embassy distribute routine information to private U.S. citizens, such as such as news about Embassy consular services and voting assistance programs.  CLVs often provide the fastest and most secure channel for sharing information with private U.S. citizens – especially when internet and phone services fail.
  • CLVs also inform the Embassy about local security, political, and economic conditions that affect U.S. citizen travel and welfare in Mongolia.

How Do We Contact CLVs?

The Embassy maintains contact with CLVs through all of the following methods and channels:

  • Email and text (SMS) messages
  • Telephone
  • Facebook: USEmbMongolia
  • Twitter: USEmbMongolia
  • Annual reception/townhall
  • Face-to-face outreach
  • In emergencies, via TV, radio, satellite phone, and NEMA announcement towers



To become a CLV, please email us your full name, date of birth, passport number, and contact details to: