U.S. and Mongolia Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Corps Agreement

On July 31, Peace Corps Mongolia Country Director Darlene Grant and Foreign Minister L. Purevsuren commemorated the 25th Anniversary of the signing of the Peace Corps Agreement with Mongolia.  Former Foreign Minister Ts. Gombosuren, who signed the Peace Corps Agreement on behalf of the Government of Mongolia on August 2, 1990, and U.S. Ambassador Piper Campbell also delivered remarks to mark the occasion.

Peace Corps established its program in Mongolia at the invitation of the Mongolian government in 1990.  Since the arrival of the first group of volunteers in 1991, over 1149 Volunteers have served in Mongolia.  “I love to think of the web of connections generated by those 1149 people. And just as the U.S.-Mongolia relationship continues to grow and flourish, so does our Peace Corps program,” said Ambassador Campbell.  Currently, about 156 Peace Corps Volunteers are working in the fields of education, health, and community youth development in Mongolia.

All Peace Corps Volunteers in Mongolia are considered community development workers and, as such, support community service activities.  They also foster cross-sector initiatives in areas such as HIV/AIDS awareness, alcohol abuse awareness, capacity-building for people with disabilities, and gender empowerment.  Volunteers work in all 21 provinces throughout Mongolia.