USAID Supports Development of Arbitration Best Practices in Mongolia

On May 20-21, USAID-funded Business Plus Initiative Project (BPI) project is partnering with the Ministry of Justice, the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC), and the Mongolian Bar Association to host a workshop in Ulaanbaatar entitled “SIAC Arbitration Training Video Workshop: Practical Guide to International Arbitration.” This workshop aims to demystify international arbitration by teaching participants about the key aspects of international arbitration. Experts will share their knowledge of the arbitration process and offer regional and global perspectives on current issues in international arbitration.

A modern arbitration system can support economic development and encourage investment by ensuring reliable and systemic dispute resolution that conforms to international standards. As SIAC’s Board & Court member, Dr. Eun Young Park noted, “SIAC recognizes significant potential for the growth of international arbitration in Mongolia. We are pleased to support the Mongolian Ministry of Justice, Mongolian Bar Association, and USAID BPI in their efforts to raise awareness of arbitration through these types of training initiatives.”

The USAID-funded Mongolia Business Plus Initiative (BPI) project supports the Mongolian government’s efforts to establish a business environment conducive to diversified economic growth and improved economic opportunities.  Nearly 1,000 lawyers, judges, public servants, private sector representatives, and arbitration practitioners nationwide have participated in BPI sponsored arbitration workshops and international seminars.

For more information about USAID in Mongolia, please contact the USAID Program Office at (976) 7007-6001.